Tom’s Story


In August 2014 I had a very serious accident whilst on a business trip in Las Vegas.  Whilst walking back to my hotel I stumbled at the top of a very large flight of stairs and bounced 21 feet vertically down the 50 steps to the bottom.

Amongst other injuries, this resulted in serious head trauma which included a left subdural haemorrhage, subarachnoid haemorrhage, calvarial and occipital fracture, right superior orbital fracture, right temporal bone fracture with haemotympanium, and other serious fractures.

Hospitalisation: I initially received emergency treatment in a Las Vegas hospital, where an Intracranial Pressure Bolt was inserted and several complex procedures were carried out, before I was repatriated to the Charing Cross Hospital Intensive Therapy Unit in the UK.  I then spent six weeks in a normal surgical ward, was transferred to Kingston Hospital for a further six weeks, and then transferred to the St George’s Hospital Wolfson Ward for neurorehabilitation.

Diagnosis & Treatment: I remember very little of Las Vegas, only recalling parts when relayed to me back in London. I visited many hospitals throughout 2014 and 2015 and still have a couple of remaining issues being treated (wrist surgery due at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital) and help on returning to work from St. George’s Hospital Tooting.

Returning to Work: On trialling my return to work in August 2016, it was observed that due to the demands of my previous Account Manager’s job influencing my performance a role to offer more structured support was sought. I am now working with a small team (on a 4-day week basis), who offer both daily support and regular feedback. Previous results from neuropsychology assessment identified that I was having difficulty with my executive functioning, reduced visual memory and my speed of processing.


I have also displayed challenges with expressive communication and interpretation of communication involving inference. Since this assessment was completed as an inpatient, I have made some good improvement in all areas; however, a more up to date assessment has been booked to assist with offering a clearer understanding of my current functions.

I use an Epilepsy Tool Kit on my phone (also available for the iPad) to track my medications or seizures which is useful when meeting my Doctor.

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